CAMO Announces Plans for 2013 California Amateur MMA State Championship; Adds 125lb Weight Class

Los Angeled, June 12, 2013.   Thanks in large part to your feedback, CAMO is pleased to announce that it will add the 125 lb weight class to this year's state championship tournament!   
This year's tournament shall work as follows:   The top 3 highest ranked and available fighters in Nor Cal and the top 3 highest ranked and available fighters in So Cal in each of the 9 weight classes competing this year - as based on the July 2013 rankings that will be listed on the CAMO website ( -  shall be invited to compete.  Any spots still open or that become open due to injury withdrawals in August/September shall be filled by the highest ranked fighters off of the latest available rankings at that time as posted on the CAMO website.
#1 seeds for Nor Cal and So Cal in each weight class will receive an automatic spot in the Nor Cal or So Cal Finals this year.  The tournament will begin in September with the Nor Cal Regional 1st round and the So Cal Regional 1st Round.  The #2 and #3 highest ranked fighters in Nor Cal and So Cal, respectively, shall compete against each other in the 1st round.  Defending champions who are not in the top 3 in their region shall still be awarded one of the spots in the 1st round of the tournament, if they choose to compete again, in order to defend their crown.  The winners of the 1st round matches shall move on to face the #1 seed in the Nor Cal or So Cal Finals in mid October.   The winners from the Nor Cal Finals will then face the winners from the So Cal Finals in the State Championship which is tentatively set for mid November 2013.
So check the most current rankings on the site ( to see where you currently stand.  Set a fight right away to help you move up in time to make the top 3 if you aren't already there!  For any questions, please contact the CAMO offices.