Raynold Rodriguez

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
2000 started kickboxing Journey - [ ] Working out at SLO kickboxing San Luis Obispo, CA the home of Chuck the Ice Man Liddell - [ ] 2004 had my first fight (smoker)3-0 - [ ] 2006 teaching kickboxing at SLO kickboxing - [ ] 2008 became a cornerman for the SLO kickboxing team - [ ] 2010 open my studio( Beat Down Training Center) Paso Robles, CA had karate tournaments, Brazilian jujitsu tournaments and held sparring events in the studio - [ ] 2013 Closed Beat Down Training Center (Paso Robles, CA) because we moved to Texas - [ ] 2016 Club 24 San Luis Obispo, CA and start teaching kickboxing classes/ personal training. Had some fighters that I corner at there fights fights at different events in CA - [ ] 2019- present Reopened Beat Down Training Center in San Luis Obispo, CA held karate tournament and sparring events at the studio. Taking some of my fighters to the first fights at different events Now it’s time to put on some Amateur MMA events under the C.A.M.O banner

Event Name Date City/Region Location
BeatDown 03/15/2024 San Luis Obispo Madonna Inn Expo Center
BeatDown 11/10/2023 San Luis Obispo Madonna Expo Center
BeatDown 06/09/2023 San Luis Obispo Madonna Inn Expo Center
BeatDown 02/17/2023 San Luis Obispo Madonna Inn Expo Center