• None
  • MMA
  • 0-0-0-0
  • 170-184
  • 0.0
  • 5'11"
  • Orthodox

Johnny Espinosa

Hollister, CA 95023
MMA record - 0-0-0-0
Weight Class - 170-184
I strike and grapple with my buddy who is a student himself of Tae Kwon Do & BJJ. I train in MMA 3 times a week tops whenever my buddy is available. I do lots of cardio (3.5 Miles every other day) I do plenty of workouts to get all of my muscles in shape (Dips, Side Bends, Pushups, Arm Curls...etc) When I workout I do 5 to 6 different workouts of my body every other day. I lift some weights to get stronger and better at fighting. I don't lift weights just to lift more weights. I have pretty excellent striking, left hooks are my favorite. Besides right head kicks. I can hang very well in grappling, whether on the floor or standing, I don't give up easily. I can take one hell of a punch/beating also, but it's more about punching and not getting hit. I'm a very calm person who can stick to a game plan no matter how intimidating a person can be (opponents) I tend to look at what needs to get stronger in my skill set and I try my hardest to improve and become a better fighter. I don't gas out easliy and I'm a very healthy human being, so cutting weight is never a problem. I walk around under 210, but I'm planning on trying to walk around under 195. But like I said, cutting is never a problem.

Opponent Event Date Category
Nomaraguilar Nomar Aguilar True Promotions 10/24/2021 135-144

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