• World Muay Thai Team USA
  • MMA
  • 0-1-0-0
  • 155-169
  • 0.0
  • 5'9"
  • Southpaw

Michael Guadamuz (1 fights)

San PAblo, Ca 94806
MMA record - 0-1-0-0
Weight Class - 155-169
Originated from Latin America BRAZIL and lived in Nicaragua for some time but have been living in California for almost all my life. Fighting has always been a part of my life if it was school or in the streets . I believe that this sport has given me the opportunity do something positive in my life . So far I've only done small events but hopefully in the future things will progress.

Opponent Event Date Round Time Result
skater510 Kevin Espinoza
Method: TKO
Dragon House 07/21/2018 1 00:09